Rosewill Complete Notebook Accessory kit Model RNA-K040A


This Notebook Accessory kit got everything you need which covers :

1. Flexible Neck Webcam in case the object that you plan on showing is not in the direction of build in Webcam.:

2. Numeric Keypad makes your data entry easier.:

3. USB light for reading.:

4. USB Fan for cooling. :

5. 4 Ports USB HUB allows more devices accessing your notebook.:

6. Multi-head 5 in one retractable connector cable allows smart phone or other devices connecting to your note book:

7. Mini Optical Mouse for easier handling.:

8. USB Car charger 1 Amp allow you to charge your iPhone, iPod, Smart phone, Mp3/4 in car.:

9. Screen cleaning cloth to clean your screen.:

10. Keyboard Brush to clean your keyboard.