"Building a Home Server – The Complete Guide"

from: http://thessdreview.com/ssd-guides/building-a-home-server-the-complete-guide/ Date: 02/25/2013

Congratulations! If you’ve stuck around this long, the work is over. You now have a fully-functioning ultimate home server. You can fine-tune it to your to your heart’s content – from the RAID controller advanced features and functions to the actual server OS itself. Just don’t break anything while you’re tinkering away. After remembering how frustrating it was setting up our own Windows Home Server 2011 build, the motivation for this guide was to make it easier on those trying to break into the world of centralized storage. Which is why the LSI 9270-8i and Toshiba 3TB MG03ACA300′s are so worth the price. We could have gone with a better processor and motherboard; we could’ve gone with motherboard/software RAID – but we didn’t need to, and that is the key point. Only a PSU and a PCI-E slot are needed to run these two components. Not only does this streamline the process even more, it allows us to save money and divert it elsewhere. Having tried alternative methods, the 9270-8i is simply light-years ahead of the competition (if you can even call it that) and pairing it with eight of Toshiba’s enterprise NAS-ready drives, all in Rosewill’s beautifully constructed RSV-L4411 server chassis…it was a no brainer. Our whole mindset rotated around storage – building it, protecting it, and managing it. The ease in which these components helped us achieve our goals completely made them worth every single penny. Having exceptionally low requirements to run just added icing on the cake. You can customize the server to do what you want it to, and more if you so choose in the future. You can spend $5000 and imitate our build, or go with a low-profile alternative in an HTPC; ultimately, the amount you spend will be directly linked to performance and ease of managing when everything is said and done.